• Discover your region by bike •



Why does it always have to be places far away from home – if the beauty is so close? Dig out your tire pump, dedust your bike, prepare a picnic hamper, take your friends and family and let’s go! There is so much to discover!



Bikes are more than just a means of transport: Riding your bike is adventure, fun and recreation in one! And you do good for your health too! Probably you don’t start with a marathon route in the beginning to start off smoothly.



You’ve got some days off? Great! You can also take your ride into the train and hence reach remote areas that are sometimes even hard to access with a car. And the best thing is that you travel environmental-friendly! Bicycle route maps you can easily find on the internet!



And by the way:
If your “boneshaker” hasn’t been moved in ages and is about to break down,  no worries: you can also rent a bike and the appropriat equipment!