• Grow your own vegetable & fruits •




Lately there have been some food scandals which induced many people to go with the trend of growing food on their own. Beside the certainty of having high-quality edibles on the plate, the polluting emissions during the transport and ressources for the packaging can be cut down. And you don’t necessarily need a garden to grow your own food!



There are many good reasons to grow vegetable and fruits on your own:
• You know where your food comes from and you value your own produce food more than the stuff you buy in the (super)market.
• Moreover it tastes better and is not contaminated by pesticides that kill insects and many other things in the cultivation region.
• AND you save some bucks and CO2 for the transport / import of the food and the refrigeration & storage in the supermarket

Consult a farmer from your region or check out the Inetrnet – there are many websites that deal with this topic and gives you all the information you need to grow your own, healthy food!



By the way:
1 kg of home-grown tomatoes use approx. 35g CO2 whereas field-grown tomatoes from Spain (to Germany) cause approx. 600g.


And check out this video as well and learn how to grow food in your own apartment / house: