• Lamps – which is the best? •




Since the invention of the light bulb we enjoy light on demand that is generated by electricity. The oil lamp from grandpa is disused and not needed anymore. 150 years later there are by far more efficient and economical lamps than the light bulb. A comparism:



Beside  the power consumption and some other facts we turned our attention to the light efficiency of the different lamps. This factor indicates  how efficiently a lamp transforms electric power (wattage (W)) in actual light (lumens (lm)). The more heat that is released from the energy absorbed the lower is the light efficiency (lm/W)!


• Fluorescent lamps
-high energy efficiency (EU-energie-Label A – B, criterias: lighting current & power input)
-low power consumption
-high light efficiency (approx. 50 – 104 lm/W)
-long life (approx. 18,000 operating hours)
-high efficiency: with an electronic ballast between 30 – 50% of the energy used will be converted into light (a light bulb converts only 5-10%)
-medium purchase price (approx. 2 – 7 Euro)


Energy saving lamps
-high energy efficiency
-low power consumption
-high light efficiency (approx. 35 – 75 lm/W)
-long life (approx. 8,000 – 13,000 operating hours)
-high efficiency: 30 – 40%
-medium purchase price (approx. 2 – 8 Euro)


(High efficiency) LED lamps
-high energy efficiency
-low power consumption
-high light efficiency (approx. 10 – 65 lm/W) – almost as effective as energy savig lamps
-long life (approx. 100,000 operating hours!!!)
-medium efficiency: approx. 15%
-high purchase price (approx. 8 – 50 Euro)


Halogen bulb lamps
-low energy efficiency (EU-Energie-Label D – E)
-medium power consumption
-medium light efficiency (approx. 14 – 25 lm/W)
-medium life (approx. 2,000 operating hours)
-medium efficiency: 15%
-low purchase price (approx. 2 Euro)


Light bulbs
-low energy efficiency (EU-Energie-Label D -and worse (E-G))
-high power consumption
-low light efficiency (approx. 16 lm/W)
-short life (approx. 750 – 1,000 operating hours)
-low efficiency: 5 – 10%
-low purchase price (approx. 0,20 Euro)



Energy saving and fluorescent lamps exhibit a high light efficiency and score in all other criterias too! With these lamps you are on the right track!


Source:  LEW, “Energiespartipps für Ihr Zuhause”-CD, Lechwerke AG, www.lew.de