•Stay cool!•




In many regions of the world the temperatures can get really high – not only in summer time. Then there’s nothing more enjoyable than fresh air from the airconditioner. But A/Cs are climate killers. So these are the alternatives you have:


1) Air correctly: shut all windows and shutters throughout the day so the warm air stays outside and open them at night so the colder air can come in


2) Moisten you wrists, calves and nape with cold water (wet washrag etc) – it really helps!


3) When both alternatives don’t help: switch on your ventilator instead of the A/C! When buying a new ventilator get one which uses only little amounts of electricity and and is silent while use!


And by the way:

Use this tip whenever can – also when you are on vocation and your hotelroom is equipped with an A/C! Just use the tips above and help to save the climate!



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