• Switch-off •



Completely shut off all electronic devices after use! Appliances that have no on/off switch you should unplug or use a “multiple outlet socket” with a MASTER-switch  / a remote controll to easily switch them off. There are some other things that you should consider when purchasing a new device in order to save energy!


• Only buy electronice devices which you can completely switch off (on/off switch)
• Compare device in terms of energy consumption and decide in favour of an economical appliance
• If the device has no on/off switch, watch out that the stored data (time, channels etc) will not be lost when disrupting the power supply. Modern devices have a flash memory that doesn’t need electricity to keep the data.


And by the way:
Energy-efficient DVD-recorders (with on/off switch) use up to 70% less energy than those without a switch.