• Turn off early and save energy •




Most probably it’s nothing new to you that you should use a lid when cooking stuff in a pot / pan. But you can save a lot more energy if you turn off your oven right after boiling / heating up your food and make them cook with the residual heat to the point you want it to be.



This is how it works:

• Food that is boiled with water: don’t put more water into the pot than necessary. For example: when boiling potatoes it’s enough if the water just covers the potatoes.


• Use maximum heat for heating-up and then turn off your cooktop


• When preparing sauces, ready-to-serve meals and other dishes which need to be boiled up (acc. to the recipe) you should switch off the cooktop right after the food reached the necessary temperature and cook it with the residual heat until it’s done.


• Try to switch off your cooktop five minutes earlier than usual and keep the pot on the cooktop- your food will be fine as usual but your electricity bill will mirror the saving potential


And by the way:


If you are using a gas cooker: take the pot off the cooktop (as mentioned above!) and wrap kitchen towels around the pot! This way you’ll keep the residual heat (because a gas cooker will not save this much heat as a electric oven does!)


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