•Go green – even with your cell phone•




Cell phones are everywhere and come with various functions of which all need energy to work. Mobile phones are THE gadget of the 21st century and we’d like to give you some tips to use it environmental-friendly:



1. Switch off all the funtions that run in the background that you don’t use (BLUETOOTH, WiFi, apps etc) so your battery lasts longer and you safe energy


2. Charge your cell phone only to the point where it is completely re-charged and then unplug the charger completely from the socket


3. If your battery is broken don’t just throw it in the regular trash bin because it contains toxic components – in some places there are special waste bins (for old batteries) and if you can’t find it bring the old battery to a cell phone shop


4. Don’t buy new cell phones unless your old one is definately irrepairably damaged because they contain heavy metals and other toxic stuff and are hard to recycle (& safe money!)


5. If your old cell phone kicked the bucket don’t just throw it in the regular trash bin but ask the dealer of your new phone to accept it as a trade-in or at least to dispose it properly. Some cities also offer “cell phone trash bins” in public places like train stations (Santiago de Chile) and some network provider accept to take back old cell phone free of charge


6. If you are looking for a new phone check out whether there are  eco-cell phones available (e.g  Nokia 3110 Evolve, Samsung E1107, etc) – also see below “Source 4”


7. If you are having a landline phone and a mobile phone: quit the landline phone because the wires often contain copper which is toxic and mobile phones are (in most cases) replacing other gadgets like MP3-players, cameras etc. So although they need energy they are more climate-friendly because the number of gadges makes the difference (and you can use energy from re-newable energy sources)


And by the way:

You can sell your old phone (friends, Ebay, secondhand shop, etc) and donate the money to good environmental projects (if you want). Don’t burry your old phone in a drawer – pretending there will come a time when you’ll use them again!


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Nov 7, 2011 at 16:09

Und zum Beispiel der Hannover Zoo sammelt auch Handys, da die benutzten Schwermetalle in Regenwaldgebieten abgebaut werden, wo viele Affen heimisch sind bzw. waren, obwohl man die Schwermetalle der “alten” Handys durchaus nochmal benutzen könnte um den Affen und vielen anderen Tieren nicht ihren Lebensraum wegzunehmen.