•Goodbye packaging•




Many products at the supermarket come in multiple packaging! This means a lot of trash and if this weren’t enough: the production of the packaging (paper, plastic, aluminium foil, etc.) uses precious ressources and a lot of energy too!



Here are some tips what you can do about it:


1) Avoid products with a huge amount of packing material – espacially aluminium!

2) Leave the packing material (paper, plastic, wood, etc.) at the recycling stations in the supermarket to show a flag against the dispensable packing of many products

3) Bring your own shopping bag (textile!) from home – hence you save money and do good for the environment!

4) Only take a plastic bag when really needed! Many shops already offer textile bags instead! AND: Vegetables and fruits don’t need to be packed in extra plastic bags

5) If you really need a platic bag, use it with care and bring it next time again


Furthermore just have a look at out tips “Goodbye plastic bags“!


And by the way:

There are supermakets that aim to sell all their products without any packaging. Just have a look at the website of unpackaged and the trailer of in.gredients: