•Goodbye plastic bags•




In supermarkets and other shops you often get plastic bags automatically. But did you know that these bags use a lot of energy for production and recycling? And even worse: in many cases the bags are just thrown away and damage the environment. So here are some tips to shop eco-friendly:



1. When shopping: only take as many plasitc bags as you really need


2. Bring the plastic bags with you next time you shop and use them again


3. Don’t throw plastic bags away – you can still use them in your household


4. If a plastic bag is broken please throw it into the right trash bin (for plastic materials)


5. The best way to carry stuff is to use textile bags: they are more environment-friendly and live longer. And if they get dirty you just wash them and they are ready for use again


6. “Only tree-hugger use textile bags” – no way! Take a look around – textile bags are more than in! How about designing your own textile bag? You can find plain bags in supermarkets or DIY stores. Draw pictures on it, use a stamp to make a cool design or decorate your bag with batik work… or even create your bag out of fabric swatches or an old t-shirt!


And by the way:


In many cases plastic bags are only used for a short period of time and then thrown away. Evenworse: they are often thrown into natur carelessly. It takes up to 400 years until plastic bags are decomposed. And they also pollute many seas on our planet and their habitants. Therefore please stay away from plastic bags and help to preserve this wonderful planet!