•Green reading•




A full bookshelf in the living room connotes brain power. But actually lending, sharing and buying second hand books is smarter because precious wood, water and energy can be safed this way.



And this is how it works:


• Get yourself a library card from the library in town and read as many books as you like (for a small fee). This is a lot cheaper than buying books.


• Ask your family and friends to lend out their books to you. In this aspect also check out out tip “Sharing is fun“!


• If there’s no library in your surrounding then buy second hand books from a second hand store or online (Ebay, Amazon, etc)


• Sell your old books to a second hand store, on a peddlars market or online (Ebay, Amazon, etc.)



And by the way:

If you are thinking about buying an E-Book, make sure that you get one which consumes only little energy. And just to let you know: there are plenty cell phones out there which come with a function (“app”) that allows you to read books / magazines on that little device too – so you don’t have to buy another electronical device!