•Keep cool – stay warm•




In the northern hemisphere it’s getting cold nowadays and what most of us are really looking for in the evening is a hot shower. So if you are heating your water with a boiler we’ve go some tips for you how to save energy.



1) Switch off your boiler completely when you don’t need hot water for a longer period of time (vacation, absence, etc)


2) It would be best if you switch it off every time after usage or use a time switch so the boiler is turned-off automatically (e.g. in the night, during the day while you are at work, etc.). As with any other electronic device: avoid stand-by usage because energy is wasted this way


3) When you turn on your tab cold water will come first. Don’t waste that precious good but use it for something else (making coffee / tea, for cooking, etc)


4) In general: the water temperature shouldn’t be higher than 60°C in the kitchen and 50°C in the bathroom as you waste a lot of energy and more limestone is produced (bad for your boiler)


And by the way:


If you are using a boiler to heat up the water for your shower you should think about a instantaneous water heater because you need less energy to heat up and there won’t be any temperature fluctuations (like with boilers).