•Lights off – spot on•




Advent season is “fairy lights time”!  One chain of lights can use up 5 Euro worth energy withing the weeks before Christmas.  We’d like to give you some tips how to keep your electricity bill as low as possible.



1) Switch off all lights when you don’t use them (in- & outside the house)


2) Use a motion sensor not only for your outdoor lighting but also inside the house  (corridor etc). This way the light switches on automatically as soon someone gets into the sensor range and turns it off again after a pre-set time.


3) Use solar lamps in your garden / outdoor area. They don’t need any electricity and provide light up to 12 hours (very useful to illuminate a path, foyer etc)


And by the way:


LED lamps and fairy lights use a lot less energy and last longer than regular light bulbs. In this concern also check out our tips “Switch-off“, “Lamps – which is the best” and “Use a time-switch“!


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