•So it stays warm inside•




Energy consumption in winter is a lot higher than throughout the rest of the year. That’s why we’d like to give you some tips how you can safe some bucks and nonetheless have your home cozily warm.



1) Check out our tip “Correct heating” to learn how what’s the perfect temperature for each of your rooms.


2) Close the door immediately after you entered a heated room  to keep the heat in the room


3) Make sure that all your doors and windows are airtight. You can check this easily by holding a candle infront of your doors and windows. If the flame turns to a side or goes off you should get some insulating materials and fix it. Another way of checking the air tightness is by putting a sheet of paper in the opening of the window and close it. If you can pull the paper out it indicates that the hermetic seal is defect.


4) During the night you should keep all shades, curtains and blinds closed to keep the warm air inside. The longer you keep them shut, the more energy you safe.