•Recycling trash can be so easy•




It’s a topic to which we’d like to attach particular importance. Because in so many places trash is carelessly thrown on the street, the beaches and in the forests. As this behaviour  is ruining Mother Earth and mankind likewise, we’d like to point out how easy it is to recycle trash in a correct way – and that you can also earn money with that trash.


VERY IMPORTANT: Don’t throw rubbish somewhere where it does not belong to!


Select your trash! If your community that you are living in offers you different trash bins, use them for your garbage. Usually there’s a bin for paper, recyclable materials, organic trash and non-recyclable trash. And please don’t throw your empty batteries and your broken light bulk in the normal trash bin but give it back to the retailer where you bought it.

If you have no access to these different trash bins then maybe think about this:

1) Select your trash by materials (paper, plastic, aluminum, glass, bio-degradable, metal & general trash)


2) Check if there are some recycling depots in your surrounding (“Yellow Pages”, your community, etc.). Many of them buy materials and this way you can make some money with your trash.

Once you have the contact to those recycling depots, you can make good money with your “valuable” trash and even more if you go and collect the trash lying around on the roadsides or in other places.


Just have a look at these interesting videos:

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