•Water consumption in general•




So here are some facts about the water consumption in general and what you can do about it:


The daily water consumption (in Germany) is about 130 liter per person (on average):


36% for bath, shower, hygiene (approx. 46l)
27% for toilet flush (approx. 35l)
12% for laundry (approx. 16l)
9% for miscellaneous (approx. 11l)
6% for washing the dished (approx. 8l)
6% for cleaning the house and car & garden (approx. 8l)
4% for food and drinks (approx. 6l)


And that’s what you can do to save water:

1. Level down the amount of water coming out of your tap at the master water controller
2. Use the “STOP”-button of your toilet tank (after toilet usage) to save water
3. Use a bonnet on water taps to reduce the amount of water that comes out of your tap


And by the way:

There are many more tips about saving water. The best tips is: everytime you use water, use it responsibly even it you don’t have to pay for it (hotel, public toilet, etc.)



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