•Laptop vs. PC•




Since laptops became affordable there are several reasons why to go for a portable computer instead of a PC. Find out more and learn some tips to do good for Mother Earth and to safe some bucks.



1. Laptops use less energy than pcs while offering the same performance


2. Laptops are portable – you can use them almost everywhere


3. Their hardware is concepted to safe energy and guarantee a long operating time


Besides this you should set your energy setting to “energy saving”-mode to use these smart functions!


Make sure that your laptop can “breathe” properly and the ventilation slots are not covered (which would result in heat and higher energy consumption because the cooling system would try to cool it down)


When buying a new laptop check the following pages to find a eco-friendly laptop (OfficeTopTen PC & Notebooks, EcoTopTen Notebooks, Climate Savers Computing) and choose one that it extendable.


There are some laptop producer that accept your old laptop as a trade-in and recycle it!



And by the way:
Switch off your screen instead of using a screen saver. Nowadays computers can easily live without a screen saver. So everytime you are not at the computer switch off your monitor (PC) and put your energy setting (“Switch off monitor after”) to “1 minute”.  This way you save energy and money!


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