• Car-sharing •



Cars offer many advantages – but cost heaps of money (purchase, maintenance & usage)! If you only need a car sometimes then “car-sharing” might be the perfect solution for you to save costs! There are two ways of car-sharing…




Option A:
You share a car with friends / acquaintances and also the cost for purchasing and maintaining it. If noone in your circle has/want a car you can check out car-sharing communities on the internet to find people from your neighborhood to share cars with them.



Option B:
If you live far away from your place of work / university / school and you go there by car, you should check whether there is someone of your associate/friends who lives in your area to share a ride with. The best would be to find 3/4 others so the car is full. Hence you not only save money and help to reduce the amount of traffic jams but also reduce the environmental pollution.



And by the way:
If you want to go to another city, check out “share a ride” on the internet to see if someone else is going there too and offers a ride. Those ride-sharing communities are a cheap and environmental friendly way of going from A to B.



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