•Cookies, cakes and rosts – tips for the oven•




The pre-Christmas period has just started and the smells of delicious cookies, cakes and harty roasts are everywhere! We’d like to give you some handy tips on how to save energy while baking!



1. Many recipes advise to use “preheating” although often it’s not necessary at all! In order to save energy, skip the preheating


2. Use the convection mode (instead of upper/lower heat) to save time and energy


3. Wherever applicable: prepare more dishes at the same time or after another in the oven because the heating-up uses the biggest amount of energy (up to 20%)


4. Avoid opening the oven during baking process because everytime you open it, about 20% of the heat is gone! That’s why the ovens nowadays come with a window (keep that window clean in order to see the progress without opening the door!)


5. Use black / dark baking molds because they need a shorter baking time -hence less energy


And by the way:


When you buy a new oven remember to buy a energy-efficient one (class A+ or higher). Just have a look at our tip “New appliances with EU environment label“!


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