•FAIR travel•




When traveling people are making increasingly use of aircrafts as it’s the fastest mode of transport (for longer distances). If it’s unavoidable to take a plane you should at least make sure that you book a direct flight. Not only because it is faster and more comfortable but also because planes emit the most CO2 while take-off and landing which you can reduce if you only use one flight.


And did you know that there’s a way to fly with a clear conscience?


You can get your flight emissions compensated! Via an emission calculator you can exactly calculate the amount of CO2 (in kg) that you emit and then it gives you the amount of money that it takes to compensate your emissions. This money you can then directly donate to climate protection projects.


So, even if you can’t prevent the emission of greenhouse gases you can nonetheless support projects that aim to protect the planet.



And by the way:

You can also compensate events, ship cruises etc.


Just have a look how much CO2 you emitted with your last flight on www.atmosfair.de