• New appliances with EU environment label •




There’s a chance for you to identify energy-efficient home appliances at first sight! This helps you with the buying decision and enables you to save money (in future).




And that’s how it works:
The EU environmental label is class-divided in 7 levels: A (green) represents the most efficient class and G (red) the least efficient class. In addidtion frides and freezers are classified in even more efficient classes like A+, A++, A+++ and A(40%) (=40% less consumption than class A).
Different standarts serve the different product groups – here you find more information about it!


Buy only household appliances with (at least) class A+. These appliances may be more expensive when you by them -compared to those with a lower class – but pay off very quick as the have a lower consumption (means lower costs)! And you do good for the environment if you only buy efficient appliances(class A upwards)!


An example:

A fridge/freezer of the class A uses approx. 25% more energy than an  A+model and even 45% more thant an A++fridge/freezer!


BUT please note:
Don’t compare apples to pears! Please acquire some background knowledge about this topic (here) before finding the best appliance for your needs!



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