• Plant a tree – or even more •




One reason for global warming is the destruction of the ozon layer through CO2 (carbon dioxid). Traffic and industrial pollution as well as slash-and-burn are just 3 examples for CO2 emission. You can help to reduce this emission  by driving less by car, avoid imported goods – or by planting a tree which absorbs CO2 and converts it into vital oxygen. And you can also save money by doing so!



And this is how it works:


• Plant a tree or even more in your garden; bushes and other plants are good for our climate,too as they “do” photosynthesis too – the process where carbon dioxid is converted into oxygen


• Trees protect you from heat and noise! Especially in summer they provide shade so your house/flat stays cool and you don’t have to use your aircon. This way you save money which you would otherwise pay for the electricity using your A/C.


• If you decide to have fruit trees you’ll have fresh, health fruits without any pesticides  in summer /automn – and this without paying a single penny


• Beside the nice smell of the blooming trees / plants you’ll also enjoy fresh air in your garden – just like an oasis


• If you don’t have an own garden you may join “plant campaignes” in your region or you lease / buy ground for your own “Garden of Eden”


And by the way:

The fallen leaves are a perfect fertilizer for your other plants – just collect and compost them.


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George Machine
Aug 21, 2011 at 10:36

I learned a lot from this post, much appreciated! :)