• Avoid disposable cutlery •






Disposable crockery is everywhere nowadays: the plastic cutlery  at the fast-food restaurant, the paper cup at the cafe or the plastic fork that comes with your salad-to-go. After use they end up being thrown in the trash bin and lead to more pollution. Hence we’d like to give you some tips how you can lower the environmental burden (trash) and also save some bucks.



1) Coffee-to-go: use a ceramic / plastic mug that you can clean and re-use. There are hundreds of different mugs out there so the choice is yours. And also the cafes got used to the fact that more and more people prefer to drink their coffea / tea out of their own mugs. And if you want to be even more eco-friendly then brew your coffea / tea at home, fill it in a thermos bottle and take it with you to school / uni / work.



2) Fast food: the French Fries at the fast food restaurant, the salad from the supermarket and other convenience food as a matter of course come with disposable cutlery. But also when you are under way you can use your own cutlery. This way you do good for the environment and your food tastes better with your own silverware. If you want to go even one step further then you can ask the waiter / cashier whether he/she may fill the food directly into your own container (if not shrink-wrapped etc).



3) Picnic: also when having a picnic you can use re-usable cutlery & dishes from home. There are many outdoor shops that sell break-proof camping crockery.


4) Party: save the mone for disposable cutlery / dishes and rather use your own stuff. If that’s not enough then ask your family / friends whether they can lend you some more. And if it going to be a really big party then you can also rent crockery from a party service company.


5) On the road:  instead of wrapping your food that you want to take to school / uni / work in cling film / tin foil, you should rather put it in a re-usable container that you can easily clean and reuse.


And by the way:

If there’s really no way around using disposable cutlery / dishes then go for biodegradable ones!


*COFFEE TO GO cartoon by Eva Hoppe