• Compost your organic waste •




Spring just arrived and the first plants are awakening  from their winter sleep. In order to provide them with healthy soil we’d like to point out the benefits of a compost. And it doesn’t matter whether you live in a house with a garden or a flat we’ve got the right solution for you. In case you live in an apartment with no balcony or patio, click here.


And for those of you who call a garden / patio their own, here’s a short guide to your own compost:


1.)The location: the best spot for a compost is a shady, windless place somewhere not too close to your neighbor’s property. But not too far away from your house so that it doesn’t appear as an effort to brind stuff out there.


2.) The size: your compost should match your requirements respectively the amount of your organic waste.


3) What can I compost? All organic household and garden waste some exceptions. A precise list of biodegradeable stuff and some more tips on how to compost you can find here.


Besides the fact that you gain healthy fertilizer you also do good for the climate: when composting CO2 is absorbed and one organic waste bin less has to be emptied by the garbage collection company. And that’s where you also save money.


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