• Think global – eat local •




eat local cartoon


Strawberries in January, Oranges in July – due to the globalisation everything is possible. And also the look into the supermarket shelf makes it quite obvious: the international range of products is almost endless. But all this has its price and this happens to be mainly at the expense of Mother Earth as the goods travel long distances and tons of transportation exhaust gases are blown into the atmosphere. That’s why you should think about buying local / regional food. This way you save CO2, money (in most cases) and moreover you support the farmers / companies in your region.


Here you get fresh, healthy groceries in your region:

1.) Weekly farmer’s market
2.) Farm / farm shop
3.) Health food store
4.) Supermarket – many shops have “products from the region”-corners
5.) Selected restaurants / cafes


The advantages are obvious: You get fresh, healthy foodstuff and furthermore you can ask the producer / dealer where the food comes from and how it’s been produced (use of pesticides, artificial fertilizer, genetic manipulated seeds, etc.). And isn’t it simply nice to eat / drink products from the regions?


So check out the newspaper or the internet to find farmer’s markets and other places in your region where you can buy regional food. We’ve researched some online-sources and put them in our link section to give you something to start with. If you have further sources, please let us know and we add them to the list.


And by the way:
The awesome cartoon above is from our Danish artist Mads – check out his profile.