• It’s spring time!•




The winter is almost over (in the northern hemisphere) and it’s time to do a “spring clean”. We’d like to give you some tips how you can whip your car / motorbike into shape for the new season. It’s not only for your safety but also for your wallet – cause with a well-maintained vehicle you safe fuel and save exhaust gases.


First of all you should clean your car / motorbike from the outside – not only because it looks nicer that way but also you notice damages and defects faster.  And then we’ll have a look under the hood / at the engine:


1.) Clean the air filter and the spark plugs because when they are dirty the fuel consumtion will be higher.


2.) Check whether everything around the engine is clean and dry. If you notice any liquids (oil, coolant, etc.)  leaking out of the engine, you should consult somebody at the car garage.


3.) Furthermore make sure that the engine runs smoothly when in idle speed. If the r.p.m. counter shows you an up-and-down movement of your motor speed you should also consult a car mechanic.


4.) The next step is to tidy up your car! Does all the stuff in the trunk need to drive around with you? And do you really need the roof rack all the time? Remember: the lighter your vehicle is, the less fuel your engine needs and that means you save money!


5.) Last of all you should check the tire pressure. Because if the air pressure is too low your tires wear out faster and your safety is limited (longer stopping distance). Furthermore the fuel consumption is approx. 5% higher if the tire pressure is 0,5 bar below the optimal tire pressure. That’s why you should check it regularly. As a rule of thumb: the optimal tire pressure is approx. 0,2 bar above the figure mentioned in the instruction manuel.


And by the way:

Always ask yourself before starting the engine whether it is really necessary to use your car / motorbike or whether you can also reach your destination by foot, bike or public transportation. For the sake of Mother Earth!


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