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Today we’re going to tell you how you can do good for the environment even when partying. So swing your hips eco-friendly – of course this will not affect your fun level. It starts with the correct mode of transportation: go by foot, choose your bike or public transportation over your own car / motorbike. If this seems impossible, at least share the ride with your fiends (carpooling!). This way you lower your carbon footprint and save money.


Many pubs / clubs offer a huge variety of international drinks. Choose from the local beverages and not only save CO2 but also support your local breweries, vineyards and soft drink companies.


If you see some gas heaters in the entrance / outdoor area, ask the staff to switch them off as they are really bad for the climate and the guests will still come if the “climate sinners” are gone. (The unbeatable argument: the more people are on the dancefloor – the better the party!) Just give it a try!


And if you should see the owner of the pub / club, ask him / her whether they are already using electricity from a “green electricity provider”.


And by the way:

Why not transforming the “dancing energy” into electricity and run the club with it? That’s exactly what the founders of the Rotterdam disco “Club Watt” were thinking when they planned the first “eco disco” in the world. The dancefloor is a little power plant that supplies the lighting system in the club with energy. Here you can read more about it.


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