•10 tips for your outdoor activities [Travel tips special]•




It doesn’t matter where on this wonderful planet you live or travel to! One thing is clear: there is no planet B! This should be reason enough to protect it with all its diverse landscapes, creatures and plants. To do the first step we all should treat natural areas, animals and plants with care and respect them. So here are some more tips on how to behave correctly in the outdoor (picnic, camping, hiking, etc.):


1.) Camp or picnic carefully: choose the location wisely and use facilities provided (campsites, toilets, waste bins, etc.)


2.) Be careful when you camp / picnic near waters (river, lake, sea) as the water level can unexpectedly rise within seconds and may wash away your belongings (pollution!) and  also become life-threatening!


3.) Bring your food/drinks in reusable containers (to avoid any waste).


4.) Take all the rubbish with you and leave nothing but your footprints. Please recycle!


5.) Be fire wise! Observe fire bans & no-smoking signs and always check before lighting fires. Be careful if you smoke or have an outdoor fire or barbecue – make sure ashes are cold before leaving.


6.) If using a motor home (RV), caravan or other portable toilet always dispose of your toilet waste at a proper waste station (campsites, gas stations, etc.).


7.) Keep to the track!


8.) Use biodegradable detergents, repellents and sunscreens.


9.) Avoid purchasing souvenirs made from native wildlife, such as coral, sea shells, turtles etc


10.) Observe wild animals from a respectful distance and refrain from pursuing, touching or feeding them (and ask your tour operator how close you get to see the animals / sights: the closer the worse!)


And by the way:

If you witness any kind of environmental pollution (illegal dumps /water pollution / disposal of chemicals) or any kind of animal abuse, please inform the local police or an environmentalist organization (e.g. Greenpeace) about it! Thanks for your support!