•Be green at the hotel [Travel tips special]•




Vacation is the best time of the year! Finally you can relax and don’t have to worry about your household. But being away from home doesn’t mean that you should stop caring about the environment. Here are some tips how you can support the environment of the hotel you are staying at:


1.) Let the cleaning staff at your hotel know it is not necessary to change sheets and towels every single day. Simply put the “Please don’t disturb”-hanger on your door knob and leave it there for the period of your stay.


2.) Use water sparingly and take shorter showers. Flush less frequently.


3.) Switch off all the electric devices, lights and the air-conditioner when not in use. And keep the doors and windows shut while the A/C is running.


4.) Bring your own toiletries and leave the freebies behind! Because these things accumulate to a huge number of (plastic) trash and most of the used soaps and lotions are thrown away.


5.) At the buffet: Please only put on your plate what you really eat. Try first and if you like it, go for more!


6.) Find out if the hotel recycles and do so too. Don’t just throw everything in the tiny toilet bin.


7.) Tip the staff! It doesn’t have to be much. For you it’s “peanuts” but for them it maybe more than their daily income.


And by the way:

All your good habits also work on your vacation! Just give it a shot and see how easy it can be to be “green”!