•Drive your car economically•




This tip goes out to everybody who can’t do without going from A to B by car – even though there are many alternatives (see our tips). But you can still do good for Mother Earth and your own wallet. Just follow these tips:



1. Drive foresighted, consistently and try to break and accelerate as less as possible in order to save fuel. The engine uses most of the fuel when speeding up.


2. Change down your gear and avoid high rational speed as it harms your engine and uses up to 25% more fuel (red zone of your speedometer).


3. Those who drive slower need less fuel and emit less exhaust gases. For example: your car uses approx. 23% less fuel when you run it at 90 km/h instead of 110 km/h. So the faster you go the more money you blow!


And by the way:


Switch off your engine if you have to wait (20 seconds and up) – e.g. when waiting at a train crossing, in line or in a traffic jam.


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