•Every drop counts•




“No water – no life!”  That’s why you should use water responsibly. Sometimes it’s hard to realize but even a dripping tap can waste up to 50 liters of water a day! Even 10 drops per minute add up to 208 liters a month! That’s why you should take this matter seriously because this “little  dripping” can easily result to a wastage of more than 2000 liters a year! So act now:


If you discover a leaking tap you should turn off the water at the main faucet immediately and consult a plumer or a specialist at the sanitary shop / construction market. In most cases a gasket is the solution (maybe the tap has to be replaced).


Even worse is a leaking toilet tank because when the “float gauge” is not controlling the water properly, water is running down the drain continuesly and as the tubes are bigger at the toilet, more water is lost. It’s necessary to act fast!


And by the way:

Use water sparingly! Switch it off when you are soaping yourself under the shower and when you brush your teeth (use a cup!)! This way you do good for mother earth and for your own wallet!

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