•Insulate – it’s never too late•




It’s not too late to cut your this-year heating costs – there’s still a chance! A few steps suffice and you can achieve big savings.



First of all you should have a look at your heating system:


1) Are all heating pipes leak-proof and insulated?

2) Are the walls behind the radiators insulated?

3) Do all termostats function correctly?


If not, you should consult a heating engineer or go to the next construction market and get advice there. There you also find good value insulating material for your heating pipes and the wall behind the radiators. Here you learn how to insulate pipes yourself. This way you are not only saving heating costs but also do good for Mother Earth.



And by the way:


When you hear a strange blubbling in your radiator and it doesn’t get really warm then you should vent them! Ask the heating dude for advice.


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