•Keep your New Year’s resolutions•



2012 has just begun and one of the most favorite resolutions for the new year is “live healthier”! This tip deals exactly with this issue and we’d like to tell you how to minimize your ecological footprint and save some bucks at the same time.



According to a survey from the BMV (German Ministry of Transportation) about half of all car drives in Germany are shorter than 6 kilometers and a quarter is even less than 2 km. These are no big distances that can be done by bicycle.


Even though almost every German owns a bike, Germany’s neighbors are using it more frequently: on average, a German rides 300 km on his bike annually while a  Danish person reaches approx. 900 km and the Dutsh rank first with about 1000 km per year. If every German would do the same approx. 10,000,000 tons of CO2 could be saved.


Alright, talking again of your good resolution of living healthier: riding your bike regualarily is healthy! All you’ve got to do now is to overcome your mental barriers and


1) fix your bike (lights, brakes etc must be working properly)

2) dig out your water- & windproof clothes

3) and put on your helmet (make sure it fits perfectly!)


The bicycle is an allrounder when talking about transportations: it’s cheap and doesn’t require much maintenance, you are flexible where you wanna go and where to park your ride (no need to waist time on finding a parking lot) and furthermore your bike is climate-friendly and keeps you in shape. And if the distance is too long, just take your bike with you on the bus / train / tram and there you go!


And by the way:

Even though it is rainy and cold sometimes: use your bike as well to go to work / uni / school. You don’t have to worry about finding a parking lot and you stay healthy at the same time. Your papers / laptop stays dry in a waterproof (bicycle) bag! So just give it a try and see yourself how favourable your bike can be!


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