•Merry Christmas & Happy New Year•



Dear friends!

What shall we say – today is already Christmas and we are back home since 107 days, back to Hamburg! Actually we wanted to give you an update a lot earlier but somehow we didn‘t manage. Too many things needed to be settled and we don‘t have to tell you that time is running fast.


Exactly one year after we‘d started our trip our big adventure was over. Arround noon we boarded a plane in Hanoi and after short stopovers in Bangkok and Istanbul we arrived in Germany. Hamburg was welcoming us with it‘s finest weather and an authentic „moin moin!“ from the ground staff which made us smile immediately. It never felt so good to be back home.


Bam, bam! For the last time we dragged down our backpacks from the luggage belt and there they were… family members and friends allover the arrival hall holding up farewell banners, balloons,  sunlowers and Germany flags. We really could not have asked for a nicer welcome gift! Back home we enjoyed simply everything! The tasty food, our own bed, the clean toilet, the conversations with our family and friends, the love of our parents… the first time back home felt like a dream.


But yeah, at one point in fall the sun disappeared and there was no upcoming country to visit. Job hunting, rainy days and visits to various authorities dominated our lives again and all the good resolutions faded from day to day. We peg to the memories frantically and to the feeling of being completely free – to live! All that we had for the past year and it felt so good.


Well, after facing so many challenges we feel that we can cope with that situation too. So, no worries! We are doing fine and take the time we need to really arrive back home, One door gets shut, another will be opened and so on!


We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Contemplation and serenity – love, friends and joy in your life! Let the year 2012 come to an end, learn from your mistakes and be happy about what is to come. Welcome the new year 2013 with a big smile and BE HAPPY!


And now we gonna enjoy! See ya!


Patrick & Sonja