•PASO Flyer New Zealand•




We travelled around New Zealand for two months and talked to a lot of people to find out what it is that could be improved in terms of environmental behavior / protection. Once the data was collected and the problems highlighted, we sat down with the Whangarei-based artist Kiwiman (Matthew Kelly) and worked out an amazing flyer which is dedicated to the tourists who travel & camp around New Zealand – in order to lower their impact and show them how to protect the beautiful eco-system of New Zealand.






Now the PASO Flyer New Zealand is ready and the flyers (10.000 pcs, A4-DLE) are going to be printed and distributed within the next two weeks. Travelers will come across the flyers at i-SITEs allover New Zealand (see a map of the locations below). We’d like to thank the supporting i-SITEs and especially our artist Kiwiman for the great comic as well as nakedbus.com who is the main sponsor of the flyers. The flyers will be on display from August 2012.