•Singapore – small but excellent•




The city state of Singapore (south of Malaysia) is simply breathtaking: on the same land area like Hamburg (720 km²) it inhabits 5 million people – that’s more than New Zealand’s population. It is one of the biggest trading hub of Asia with one of the world’s biggest ports and shopping malls on every corner. The official languages in Singapore are as differs as the nationalities of its citizens: Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian and English. So spending time and travelling around in Singapore is easy as ABC and works without any language barriers. And also the cuisine and the culture is super versatile. But first things first:


On June 20 we hopped on a plane that brought us from Yogyakarta straight to Singapore. The same day we got to know Melv – a super easy-going CouchSurfer who right away introduced us to his friends. Together with his fun-crew (12 people) we had dinner in the Arab quarter where exotic Indian food and wobbly Chinese pudding were waiting for us to be tasted! Quite interesting flavours!


The next day Melv took us around town and showed us the highlights of his city: the beautiful esplanade and Chinatown with its typical Singapore-tidbits (chicken rice etc.). In the evening we got to know more of his friends when we joined the weekly CouchSurfer meeting on a rooftop downtown with a fabulous view over the Marina Bay. And among all the new faces at the party there was also a familiar one: Jonas, a good friend from high school who lives in Singapore since a couple of years was also there with his girlfriend. Together with the two we met up the next day and spend a wonderful evening at the rooftop of the famous Marina Bay Sands!


Melv kept on showing us the best Singapore has to offer: we went to the „cookie museum“ and enjoyed delicious tea while trying funky cookies. No, not what you think! ;) Cookies with flavors like “Massaman Curry” that actually taste like the real curry dish and various other untypical essences. After sunset we hit the party zone of “Clarke Quay” where everybody meets for a drink on “The bridge”. Afterwards we taught our host some German “battle calls” at the public viewing of the EURO 2012 match Germany vs. Greece. And it worked out just fine: Germany won 4:2 and reached the semi-finals! What a game! Germany has one supporter more now! :-)



On Saturday hellish noise appeared in downtown Singapore when suddenly helicopters and fighter jets flew right over us. Ahhh…. what’s going on? War? No, just the weekly training for the National Day in August. In the evening we enjoyed the associated fireworks including a laser show in the Marina Bay. And the day wasn’t over yet. We’ve been invited to a pool party in “The Sail” – one of the luxurious residential buildings with an amazing view towards the Marina Bay Sands. We enjoyed it although we couldn’t contribute much to the omnipresent business-talks and the networking… but we know that you can’t afford a place in such a high-class place without having the right connections! ;-) Thanks again, Nikki for this great night!


After one week in the urban jungle we jumped on a bus to Melaka (Malaysia). We really had a great time and like to thank all the people we met and especially our friend Melv for the generous hospitality! We can’t wait to return the favor in Hamburg!


Here you can see the pictures from Singapore!


And what are the “green“ news?

Singapore is super clean! We’d even say it’s the tidiest city in Southeast Asia! But trash management isn’t everything! The energy consumption is pretty high – mainly because of the air-conditioning of malls, hotels and offices! The comfort of 20°C comes at a price and we’ve got the feeling that this massive consumption could be reduced – even though Singapore has more than enough of energy available. But generally speaking, Singapore takes a leading role in the environmental protection in Asia and is a role model for sustainable workflows and infrastructure.