•Tips for your trips [Travel tips special]•




It’s finally summer in the northern hemisphere and that means: HOLIDAY! In the following weeks we’ll provide you with some handy tips on how you can be environmental friendly during your vacation/trips. We know: when on holiday, we all want to have an easy time and relax from all-day life without worrying too much. But still, it’s so easy to be eco-friendly at the same time, no matter whether you are the adventure guy or the relaxed beach buddy.


The first step is to simply take your good manners with you on vacation and be a good role model – especially for those who haven’t learned all the stuff you take for granted back home (recycling, save resources, protect the environment, etc.). And the second step is that we’re going to support you with some more tips about responsible travel in the following weeks.  Together we can change the world – everyone a little bit.


It starts with the decision: where do I want to go for vacation? How much time do I have? How much money can I spend? Try to find a place that fits your holidays. It doesn’t really make sense to sit in a plane for 14 hours when you only have 7 days in total. If you travel oversea, take into consideration the time and climate differences… and the huge amount of CO2 planes blow into the air.

Especially if you only have some days for your holiday, it’s better to do trips within your country or the neighboring countries because it’s less stressful, doesn’t take so long to get there and you don’t waste so much greenhouse gases. Talking about the distance of your travel, you may also take a look at the huge distance, food & drinks travelled to be served in your vacation spot: Think twice whether you really want the imported products from back home. Now that you are somewhere new, try local things and be amazed by the new tastes and smells.


And by the way:

Always treat the places that you are visiting with care and be respectful. Ask for permission if you want to take pictures of people /sights. A respectful traveler is a much more like tourist in the eyes of the locals.