•Waste: The everlasting problem [Travel tips special]•





Rubbish is a major problem – not only when travelling. It pollutes the air (when being burned) and blocks waterways and contaminates animals and plants. Waste is hazardous if disposed of incorrectly and can attract pests and disease. Everyone of us can help to make this world a cleaner place: reduce the amount of waste you make and dispose of it responsibly.


1. Don’t litter
2. Always put all your rubbish in the waste bins provided (recycle!) or take it away with you when you leave. If different bins are available: recycling paper, glass, plastic, cans, organic and non-organic waste


3. Reuse and recycle plastic bags or try not to use them at all


4. Reuse your water bottles


5. Eliminate rubbish (How many times is the product wrapped in packaging? Do I really need 5 tissues with my sandwich? Do I really need this brochure / map? Why should I drink my coffee from a paper cup?) Just think about it. There are many more ways to reduce waste.