•Water is life! [Travel tips special]•



Water is life! It’s a precious resource and many places in the world already suffer water shortages. Moreover: lakes, rivers, beaches and harbors are the habitat of many animals and plants. Please be sure to keep any kind of water(way) free of rubbish, spills and introduced species, so that they can be enjoyed by generations to come. Also when you travel you can help by:


1. Save water whenever possible! Switch of the tab when not in use and take shorter showers


2. Keep the water clean! Because soaps, detergents and other wastes can harm waterways and its inhabitants (animals & plants) which in the end harms the people who consume them.


And by the way:

More tips about “water” are mentioned in various tips in our tip categories kitchen, bathroom and garden. E.g. Collect rain water and use it again to water you plants, clean, flush your toilet etc.