• Fridge – place it smartly and save money •




Have you ever asked yourself whether youe fridge is placed correctly? No? You should! Because only some inches can already make a difference in the energy consumption and hence on your electricity bill. The best place for your fridge is:



1) at a cool place – definately not next to your oven/stove or heater / Aircon and also not in front of a window as the sun may heat up the fridge housing.


2) 5 inches off your wall to prevent that the warm air from the fridge can’t leave as this would cause a higher energy consumption because the fridge has to “work more” to keep the inside cool. Also make sure that the air slots are clean and free of dust to work properly.



And by the way:

If you lower your room temperature only 1 degree (centingrade) the you save about 3% energy for your freezer and up to 6% for your fridge. So, have a quick look if your fridge sits in the right location and start saving money now.


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