•Travel responsibly [Travel tips special]•




We all just have limited time for our vocation and we want the best out of it. But rushing through always goes along with stress (fear of not getting to see everything you’ve got on the “checklist”) and leaving a bigger “ecological footprint”. So consider the following points already when planning your trip:



1.) Walk or cycle instead of driving a motor vehicle


2.) Use public transportations. If a car / motor home / motorbike is necessary: choose to hire/buy a fuel-efficient vehicle and think about offsetting your emissions by buying individual carbon credits (e.g here: www.atmosfair.com)


3.) Reduce your speed on the open road and drive carefully


4.) Switch off your engine when stopped


5.) Keep to the track, where one exists, so you lessen the chance of damaging fragile plants or causing erosion


6.) Buy souvenirs directly from the locals


7.) Favor locally produced products


8.) Choose eco-friendly establishments that support local livelihoods


9.) Support only those accommodations that have a proper waste management and which support the environment rather than destroy it (waste water, trash, etc.)


10.) Take only the maps and brochures you need and share them


11.) If you have any questions: ask at visitor centers or at the front desk of you accommodation