•Vacuum-clean your home economically•




Vacuum cleaner are of great help when cleaning the house. But unfortunately it consumes a lot energy when used incorrectly. That’s why we’d like to give you some tips on how to hoover efficiently.




1.) Tidy up the room first and remove all items from the floor. This way you need less time and you don’t need to interruput the vacuum-cleaning when putting away stuff (many people tend to let the vacuum cleaner run and waste energey).


2.) Make sure that the vacuum cleaner bag is not full and the hose is not clogged. Also keep the nozzles and the bristles clean (hairs, dust, dirt, etc.).


3.) Change or clean the filter regularly as otherwise more energy is needed to achieve the same vacuum power.


4.) Adapt the suction capacity to the floor covering: when cleaning flat surfaces (tiles, parquet, laminate, etc.) it’s generally enough to use 50% of the vacuum power. When hoovering carpets  make sure that you adjust the suction power to the length of the carpet  fibres. A higher suction power means a higher energy consumption!


And by the way:

Use you broom / floorcloth to clean flat surfaces. They are as good as a vacuum cleaner but need no electricity. Saving energy and money can be so easy!