• Water your plants with rainwater •




It’s spring time! After we’ve already explained how to provide your plants with healthy fertilizer recently, we are telling you today how you water them correctly. So listen carefully – you can save a lot of money!



So, as youknow already: water is precious and rare. That’s why you should use it as sparingly as possible and not use it to water your plants. Instead of water from the tap you should use rain water which is much better for your plants. All you have to do is to collect the rain in containers (there are different sizes) and fill it in your watering can. Moreover: flowers, bushes and other plants don’t like cold tap water – they like warm, soft rain water much more.


The best time to water your plants is early in the morning or in the evening – during daytime it’s often too hot and most of the water evaporates.


You can even go a step further by using an irrigation systems for your garden / window box. It supplies water drop by drop and hence approx. 80% of the water is absorbed by the plants – which much more efficient than pouring water over the plants.


And by the way:
Stop watering your lawn – cause only 30% of the water is absorbed by the grass!  Instead you should cut the grass not that often as longer grass can keep more moisture.


Source: LEW,”Energiespartipps für Ihr Zuhause”-CD, Lechwerke AG, www.lew.de