•A smiling ending•


On August 19 we took the bus from Phnom Penh to the biggest city in Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Already from the bus we could see that Vietnam is a wealthier country: motorbikes and neon signs everywhere and the Vietnamese people dress quite fashionably. In the city centre of Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) the international luxurious brands are all lined up and there’s a huge variety of restaurants of all kinds (except Mc Donalds and the other the junk-food chains). This historically interesting city with its 7 million citizens is fast moving and vibrant. During rush hours the roads are congested with rattling motorbikes and crossing the street was a real challenge sometimes.

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•Everything’s roger in Cambodia•




From Bangkok we continued our trip on August 12 towards the east. After 6 hours on the bus we reached the boarder of Cambodia. The moment we put a foot on Cambodian soil we had fallen in the hands of the Cambodian corruption: „You have passport photo? No? Give me US$ 3!“ and also the „Bus-Mafia“ was ripping us up, big time.

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•The lost paradise•



After several hours on another minivan we arrived in Krabi. Long rides like this are extremely exhausting but the view of the mighty limestone hills at sunset was pretty amazing and the sore backs were forgotten for a moment. In a rattling long-tail boat we continued our 12-hour-journey to finally reach our destination: the laidback peninsula of Railay. Since our last visit in 2007 only little has changed… some hotel resorts were added but the vibe is still the same.


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•Beware of the sharks!•




By bus (maybe the best we’ve ever had ‘cause of the massage-function in the seat) we crossed the next boarder and arrived in the historical town of Malacca after five hours and with a relaxed back.  We spent two days there and discovering the sights including China Town with its “chicken feet snacks”. Yummy! ;-)


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•Singapore – small but excellent•



The city state of Singapore (south of Malaysia) is simply breathtaking: on the same land area like Hamburg (720 km²) it inhabits 5 million people – that’s more than New Zealand’s population. It is one of the biggest trading hub of Asia with one of the world’s biggest ports and shopping malls on every corner. The official languages in Singapore are as differs as the nationalities of its citizens: Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian and English. So spending time and travelling around in Singapore is easy as ABC and works without any language barriers. And also the cuisine and the culture is super versatile. But first things first:


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•Volcanos, temples and more•




Upon arrival in Malang (Indonesia), we strolled through the city centre and booked a trip to the Mount Bromo, THE volcano in that region which we had already seen quickly from the plane. The alarm clock rang at 1 am and half an hour later we sat in a van which was speeding through the night uphill. Around 4 am we reached the observation deck (Mount Pananjakan) where heaps of other tourists were already waiting, squeezing their shivering bodies around the bonfires of the locals to fight the cold. The view of the volcano Semeru (highest volcano of Java), the smoky Mount Bromo and the perfectly shaped Mount Batok at sunrise was breathtaking and definitely compensated for the early wake-up and the freezing temperatures.

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•Interview with PASO•



After publishing a guest article from us, Green-Responsibility.de has published an interview with us (PASO). Here you can read it! (If you need a translator, try this one)!


Many thanks go out to the team of Green-Responsibility.de!


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•The countdown is on…•



We’ve crossed deserts, climbed volcanos and glaciers, jumped off a plane, swam in all three oceans of the world and we even faced the biggest challenge now: we booked our flight home!


The countdown is on! Some relaxing days in Thailand and some adventures in Cambodia and Vietnam still lie ahead of us before coming home in 6 weeks (Sep 9,2012), exactly one year after we took of.


It’s a strange feeling after travelling over 10 months non-stop!

But one thing for sure: we can’t wait to see family and friends again after so long! And we are looking forward to be back in Hamburg, lie in our own bed, eat the awesome food from home and of course to use our own (clean!!) loo! ;)


In this sence: See you soon!



•Eat, Pray, Love•




After 7 hours of squeezing our knees in this narrow Virgin Australia plane we finally arrived on Bali, Indonesia! Pure sunshine and tropical temperatures welcomed us – just as we know it from “good ol’ Southeast Asia”! :-) Our first destination was Sanur that has a nice sand beach and a lively tourist strip with restaurants and cafes. The place we were staying at was super comfy and so we had a great start on the “Island of the Gods”. On Bali the majority is Hindu (different to the rest of Indonesia) and this you can tell from all the shrines, temples and contributions which the smiling, friendly Balinese people put everywhere.

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•”Think global – Eat local” – a guest article from PASO published on green-responsibility.de•



The Network for sustainable communication “Green Responsibility” (GR) has published a guest article from us about “Think global – Eat local”. Here you can read our and other “green” articles. Maybe you need this guy to help you! ;)


The objective of GR is to provide ideas for companies on how to be sustainable! All the membering companies agreed to follow “green guidelines” and to be CO2-neutral.


We like that!