Who we are


2 open-minded people from Hamburg (Germany), whose insatiable curiosity and “itchy feet” pushed them to hit the road in order to discover the world!

Patrick & Sonja

Patrick Grossmann, Business Economist in Foreign Trade and Sonja Heydorn, Visual Merchandiser.

Both of us are creative and interested in foreign cultures.  We both  have a love for traveling and a drive for new challenges. It was only a matter of time (and money) before we were able to fulfil our dream to do a world trip – and now is the time to get it started! Doing our globetrotter thing is great but not enough!


“Why not do something good at the same time?” we asked ourselves one day. This question led us to the idea of initiating an environmental project in order to give this wonderful world something back in return.


Various trips to different countries of the world, primarily temporary employment abroad in Bangladesh and China, showed us quite plainly that in most cases, the damaging lifestyle stems from a lack of awareness and knowledge rather than willful destruction of the environment. We believe this can be fixed!


We perceive ourselves to be responsible and open-minded “Hamburgers”. We want to make the first step into a brighter tomorrow by making our world tour more meaningful rather than being environmental missionaries with a wagging finger and a moral sermon!