• Cuba Libre •




It is a colorful nation with many different faces, which we noticed the most in the historic capital La Habana. We got to know Pauli, a Cuban guy (in our age) on the street one evening. We started talking and walked through the streets for hours together – ending up in a pub with Cuba Libre and Mojitos.  We’ve taken him into our hearts as he was so open-minded, honest and funny at the same time. He told us a lot about his country (and tought Patrick some dance moves)… Pauli desires nothing more than traveling the world one day and we hope that he and all the other open-minded Cubans will be allowed to do so as soon as possible. The time will come. Read more…


•Cuba – set the sails, let’s go!•




On our way from Cayman Brac to Cuba we had smooth conditions throughout the day (sun, 15 – 20 knots wind) which changed a “little bit” in the night: the wind got stronger again (30 knots / hour) and it felt a bit like being in a tank down in the cabin (acc to Patrick). Every now and then a wave hit the boat and a loud “krack-shack-boom” followed shortly after the jog. When the rear got lifted out of the water, the ship’s propeller stopped turning and the buzzing noise disappeared for a short while. But we got some rest anyway – knowing that our captain knew what he did! :-) At dawn the outlines of Cayo Largo(archipelago in the mid-south of Cuba) appeared on the horizon and all the exertions of the night were forgotten.



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