•Merry Christmas & Happy New Year•



Dear friends!

What shall we say – today is already Christmas and we are back home since 107 days, back to Hamburg! Actually we wanted to give you an update a lot earlier but somehow we didn‘t manage. Too many things needed to be settled and we don‘t have to tell you that time is running fast.


Exactly one year after we‘d started our trip our big adventure was over. Arround noon we boarded a plane in Hanoi and after short stopovers in Bangkok and Istanbul we arrived in Germany. Hamburg was welcoming us with it‘s finest weather and an authentic „moin moin!“ from the ground staff which made us smile immediately. It never felt so good to be back home.


Bam, bam! For the last time we dragged down our backpacks from the luggage belt and there they were… family members and friends allover the arrival hall holding up farewell banners, balloons,  sunlowers and Germany flags. We really could not have asked for a nicer welcome gift! Back home we enjoyed simply everything! The tasty food, our own bed, the clean toilet, the conversations with our family and friends, the love of our parents… the first time back home felt like a dream.


But yeah, at one point in fall the sun disappeared and there was no upcoming country to visit. Job hunting, rainy days and visits to various authorities dominated our lives again and all the good resolutions faded from day to day. We peg to the memories frantically and to the feeling of being completely free – to live! All that we had for the past year and it felt so good.


Well, after facing so many challenges we feel that we can cope with that situation too. So, no worries! We are doing fine and take the time we need to really arrive back home, One door gets shut, another will be opened and so on!


We wish you and your families a Merry Christmas and happy holidays! Contemplation and serenity – love, friends and joy in your life! Let the year 2012 come to an end, learn from your mistakes and be happy about what is to come. Welcome the new year 2013 with a big smile and BE HAPPY!


And now we gonna enjoy! See ya!


Patrick & Sonja




•Interview with PASO•




After publishing a guest article from us, Green-Responsibility.de has published an interview with us (PASO). Here you can read it! (If you need a translator, try this one)!


Many thanks go out to the team of Green-Responsibility.de!


P.S.: If you like the interview, feel free to “share” it on facebook! :)



•The countdown is on…•




We’ve crossed deserts, climbed volcanos and glaciers, jumped off a plane, swam in all three oceans of the world and we even faced the biggest challenge now: we booked our flight home!


The countdown is on! Some relaxing days in Thailand and some adventures in Cambodia and Vietnam still lie ahead of us before coming home in 6 weeks (Sep 9,2012), exactly one year after we took of.


It’s a strange feeling after travelling over 10 months non-stop!

But one thing for sure: we can’t wait to see family and friends again after so long! And we are looking forward to be back in Hamburg, lie in our own bed, eat the awesome food from home and of course to use our own (clean!!) loo! ;)


In this sence: See you soon!



•”Think global – Eat local” – a guest article from PASO published on green-responsibility.de•




The Network for sustainable communication “Green Responsibility” (GR) has published a guest article from us about “Think global – Eat local”. Here you can read our and other “green” articles. Maybe you need this guy to help you! ;)


The objective of GR is to provide ideas for companies on how to be sustainable! All the membering companies agreed to follow “green guidelines” and to be CO2-neutral.


We like that!



•Top packing travel tips•




Backpacking across the world gives you an excellent opportunity to experience new cultures, try unusual cuisines and see breathtaking landscapes. Whether you’re travelling around Europe or taking a road trip through a few American states, the last thing you want is for your luggage to slow you down. That’s why we have put together a few handy hints and tips to help you pack more efficiently.


One of the heaviest items to pack are things like travel guides, maps and leaflets. Even though it is important to be able to find your way around a new city when you’re abroad, there’s actually an alternative to packing heavy books like these. Why not simply download some travel apps to your phone? Travel apps provide detailed maps and recommend top tourist sites. Plus if you find a WIFI hub, you’ll be able to add your own reviews and comments to the app’s website, as well as have the chance to email your family some photos of your trip so far, or even have a quick game of Foxy and update your Facebook status.


Another way to pack more lightly on your travels is to avoid carrying around too many heavy drinks and snacks. Bottles of water and snacks like apples and pears are rather hefty to lug around in your backpack. Instead, why not switch bottled water for small juice boxes and exchange apples and pears for packs of dried fruit and nuts? These are much lighter and you won’t end up with bashed and bruised pieces of fruit at the bottom of your bag.


If you are visiting a country which has very temperamental weather, then you are probably planning to pack both shorts and long pants. However, you can save room by getting yourself a pair of zip-off pants. As soon as the sun comes out, simply zip-off the bottom half of your pants and store them in your bag – this is much lighter and more compact than carrying around extra pairs of shorts with you.



• Be the change you want to see in the world•




Well, it’s easy to say, but also we have to keep it in mind once we are back home:


Spare 5 minutes every day to realize again how wonderful your life is. Be thankful for what you’ve got. Right now you are reading our blog – many people on this planet have no internet access at all. In the grocery store next door you can buy whatever you want – don’t get mad when you can’t decide between the 500 different types of jam. It’s raining again? Well, buy a rain jacket and be happy that you don’t have to fear hurricanes, earth quakes or other natural disasters! You don’t like the political situation? Go to the streets, you are allowed to do so! And: drinking water from the tap or throwing paper in the toilet… nothing to be taken for granted!


You’ve got stuck in traffic again? Stop tailgating! This doesn’t make it any better! And when you go to work in the morning, please stop looking so frustrated on the train. Be happy that you have a job and that you can choose it freely!


You are unsatisfied with your life? Change something! It’s in your hand! And it starts with a smile in your face!


We want more happiness! And more smiling faces! A peaceful togetherness! Enjoy your life with the people you like and be happy! Because compared to so many other places in this world we have such a rich and free life!


And now: SMILE!






Dear friends and PASO-followers

We wish you a MERRY X-MAS and a happy new year!




• 2 new media partners on board•




We are happy to announce that PASO found two excelent media partners: Love Green and umwelthauptstadt.de persue the same objective like we do: raise awareness for a sustainable lifestyle!



Love Green – Wir retten die Welt. Jeder ein bisschen.


Powerful pictures, informative, positive and always on a daily basis. Love Green spreads good news about sustainability.


With tips for daily life and infos about fascinating projects and organisations.


Some of you may have already seen the Love Green spots on TV lately- they have started a great TV campaign togehter with Sat.1 (German television channel).


Check out their website for more details: love-green.de


We will directly report to you and Love Green what positive new inventions and projects are out there on the topic of sustainability – either in text form, through pictures or by short videos.



umwelthauptstadt.de – weil`s nachhaltig mehr Spaß macht!


A platform for citizens, enterprises, cities, associations and all other persons who would like to co-design the green movement actively.


Discuss with other interested persons about actual “green” topics, discover companies that produce / work sustainably or become an “ECO-model” :-)


There’s a lot to discover! Check it out: umwelthauptstadt.de



• Double page in a Hamburg newspaper •



PASO in the famous Hamburg newspaper (MoPo)

Guys, we ‘re almost famous! ;-)


We are happy to tell you that there’s a double page coverage in the Hamburg newspaper “Hamburger Morgenpost”.


Here you can read it in full size!



• PASO’s on the cover! •




PASO 's on the cover!


We made it to the cover of the local newspaper “MARKT”!

We ‘re almost famous now! ;)

Read the complete article (German) here and write a comment!