•Volcanos, temples and more•





Upon arrival in Malang (Indonesia), we strolled through the city centre and booked a trip to the Mount Bromo, THE volcano in that region which we had already seen quickly from the plane. The alarm clock rang at 1 am and half an hour later we sat in a van which was speeding through the night uphill. Around 4 am we reached the observation deck (Mount Pananjakan) where heaps of other tourists were already waiting, squeezing their shivering bodies around the bonfires of the locals to fight the cold. The view of the volcano Semeru (highest volcano of Java), the smoky Mount Bromo and the perfectly shaped Mount Batok at sunrise was breathtaking and definitely compensated for the early wake-up and the freezing temperatures.

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•Eat, Pray, Love•





After 7 hours of squeezing our knees in this narrow Virgin Australia plane we finally arrived on Bali, Indonesia! Pure sunshine and tropical temperatures welcomed us – just as we know it from “good ol’ Southeast Asia”! :-) Our first destination was Sanur that has a nice sand beach and a lively tourist strip with restaurants and cafes. The place we were staying at was super comfy and so we had a great start on the “Island of the Gods”. On Bali the majority is Hindu (different to the rest of Indonesia) and this you can tell from all the shrines, temples and contributions which the smiling, friendly Balinese people put everywhere.

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