• PASO Flyer Panama City •






We are happy to announce that another PASO flyer is ready. We’d like to thank Luis from Panama City for his great work and hope you enjoy it!


Here you can see & download the PASO Flyer Panama City in full size – and also the other flyers.



•Oh, how creepy-crawly is Panama•




“Here are small creatures in the bed!“ “Kill them!” “Okay!” … ”There are more on the way, I don’t sleep here!“ “Common!” “I hate crawling creatures! And they leave blood stains when I kill them!” “OK, get out of the bed! Shower! We really don’t sleep here!“ (You can imagine who’s who in this dialogue!).

Bed bugs – just a matter of time until you end up in an infested hostel room during such a long trip. The highlight was when the lady from the reception say “Ah, yes! I know about that problem but if I’d told you, you would have not stayed with us! …no comment! P.S.: Finding a new, affordable room around midnight in Panama City is no fun at all!


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