NameMiguel T. Mealla Black

Profession: Audiovisual Communications


Artistic focus/specials: Animation


Inspiration source:

Everything that surrounds us is a source of inspiration. From there you can see what´s going on, what´s wrong and is good, and you can do something about it.


Role models / idols:

Is hard to have one role model, I think that every single person that appears in our life has something positive to teach us.



3 sentences about me:

I´m quiet and stubborn.

I like to work hard to accomplish my goals.

I´m always trying to learn something new.


3 sentences about PASO:

Its inspirational.

I like the idea of an adventure that has a very positive objective for changing our world.

Doing something is the best way to change things for a better future.



Miguel T. Mealla Black

E-Mail: lets_mike22[at]