Name: Javiera Roa Fonseca


Profession: Odontology student (Universidad de Chile)


Artistic focus/specials: traditional art, illustration, colorist


Inspiration source: The life itself, people, arts



Role models / idols: What a difficult question… I think those would be the things that surprise me everyday



3 sentences about me:

Always trying new things

Super self-critical

Love challenges



3 sentences about PASO:

Love this project, we need to take care of our world.
– It’s inspirational
– A good and playful way to advertise people about this problem




Javiera Roa Fonseca

E-mail:  aiko.frikki[at]







Name: Felipe Andrés Lira Pizarro (Felo)

Profession: Psychology Student (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso)

Artistic focus/specials: Illustration, Comic Strips, Colorist

Inspiration source: Everything can be a source of inspiration. Emotions are powerful inspiration sources!

Role models / idols: I´ve never been the idolizer type of guy. I think you can always learn from everyone, so anybody can be a role model at some point.

3 sentences about me:

– I´m really obsessive with details

– I always need answers, im not friends with doubts and “whys”

– I always try to laugh! it´s good for your health!

3 sentences about PASO:

– I learned a lot reading the tips!

– Good project! People need to know about this stuff

– I Hope it can reach more and more countries!

3 sentences about my flyer:

– I didn´t know you could protect your enviroment even when drinking or playing videogames! it´s amazing!

– Im always making recycled crafts, it´s fun, and they are really good presents.

– Hope you like it! i put a lot of heart on it!


Felipe Andrés Lira Pizarro

Website: (webcomic)

E-Mail: felipe.andres.lira [at]